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Rejuvenate Your Relationships Through Family Therapy

Portrait Of Extended Family Group In ParkFamily therapy is unique, because it enables therapists to assess various problems at a systemic and interactional level.  Rather than diagnosing or treating an individual who presents with a problem, family therapists take time to explore the context surrounding the presenting complaint as well as each family member’s relationship to it.  This allows therapists to collaborate with the family and co-construct effective solutions.  Because each family is incredibly unique, therapists must explore their relational dynamics, longstanding patterns, belief systems, rituals, and other factors that may be contributing to the development and persistence of problems.  Although family members may have the purest of intentions, their attempts to solve problems can easily become part of the system that maintains the problem.

Happy African American Mother Father and Son FamilyEvery family goes though ups and downs in life.  However, when problems persist, family members may experience feelings of anger, resentment, disappointment, overwhelmedness, disconnection, helplessness, and sometimes even hopelessness.  Whether your family is struggling with relational concerns, communication difficulties, behavioral problems, divorce/separation, grief/loss, depression/anxiety, addiction, life cycle changes, parenting/co-parenting concerns, or a combination of stressors, family therapy can help.

Regardless of the situation, we view the problem as the problem, not the person or family presenting with it.  Through genuine compassion and understanding, we align ourselves with each family member to them give them a voice, validate their perspective, find opportunities for compromise, and support them in working together as a team.  This process creates space for families to change how they relate to the problem, allowing peace and harmony to return to their lives.

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Family therapy creates a safe space where multiple voices, points of view, experiences, hopes, and dreams can be shared between family members.  The role of a family therapist is to facilitate the flow of communication by asking questions and empowering the family to work toward shared goals and aspirations.  We look for strengths, resources, past successes, and exceptions where the problem may have had less of an influence on the family.  We will ask questions about what works for the family, what areas need to be strengthened within the family, and what each member would like to see change about the family.